Daily Living

  • Cottage and Halls

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    The Home is comprised of four halls in the main building and two cottages adjacent to the Home. Each hall or cottage has a main living room area where the children can gather. There is also six bedrooms available for children to reside, they are "suite style" (two bedrooms joined by a bathroom. There is also a kitchen and laundry room as well. A houseparent is required to be on duty 24 hours a day and they reside on the hall in a separate apartment.
  • Visitation

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    During a child's initial placement which lasts 30 days, the Home does not allow Home Visitations. This initial placement allows the child to become familiar with his/her surroundings at the Masonic Home. Parents are encouraged to visit on Sundays visitation day which lasts from 1:00 PM till 6:00 PM.

    The Home usually has two Off - Campus Weekends per month except months which have a major holiday which allows for an extended visit. When there is an Off Campus Weekend the children can be picked up at the Home on Friday after school and must return on Sunday by 6:00 PM.
  • Social Life

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    We encourage the children to broaden their social circle to include peers who do not reside at the Home. Permission is granted for Off Campus social activities to any child who exhibits an ability to be responsible and behave appropriately.
  • Staff

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    The Masonic Home employs a staff of approximately 27. Residential childcare is a multi-dimensional endeavor and the variety of our staff reflects this. All employees are dedicated to their work and consider it a vocation. Several of our employees maintain their permanent residence on campus.
  • Recreation

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    Various activities are planned throughout the year for the children. Many of the Masonic Lodges throughout the state will sponsor trips or events such as: going to an Atlanta Braves game, a day at Stone Mountain, picnics to various lakes in Georgia and a trip to Crystal River, FL to swim with the Manatees.

    The Home also has a camp in Shellman Bluff. The children ages 15 and younger will go here during the summer for about 6 weeks. Lodges also sponsor events while the children are at camp. Picnics are held at the camp and very year, Fourth of July is spent on Saint Simmons Island. We also make a trip to Blackbeard or Sapelo Islands which are only accessible by boat.